DR System


DR detection technology has the advantages of small radiation, strong penetrating power and fast imaging speed compared with conventional ray detection 

Imaging Systems replaces film imaging, saving high cost of consumables. At the same time, the darkroom washing process is not required, and the adverse 

effects of chemical agents on the human body are eliminated. 

Through the on-site inspection example, the DR detection technology can be used to detect the condition of the pipe weld with liquid ammonia without 

stopping the machine and without disassembling the insulation layer, and the obtained image can meet the inspection requirements.

DR Advantage:

The DR detection speed is much higher than the CR detection speed, and the impact data can be collected in only a few tens of seconds.

Images can be acquired automatically, including image selection, correction, dynamic range and grayscale reconstruction, and the process of output 

matching is done in the computer's fully automated process.

Image can be magnified and the defect can be quantified and graded using a computer-assisted assessment. Computer-assisted assessment can 

improve the speed and accuracy of the assessment. 

DR is imaged relative to film, which saves on the cost of consumable film and eliminates the need for film processing. 



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